The Process

1. You call us to Schedule a in-home estimate
When you call us at 1.800.888.IGOR, we schedule a free in-home estimate for a date and time that is convenient for you between 10AM and 7PM (allow at least 1 hour for the consultation).

2. We come to your home
A trained designer will come to your home to talk about your ideas, review your home’s layout, and then we go over samples, and drawings of designs that would make sense with your home’s style and potential. Our designers have a great eye for symmetry and detail, to make the whole interior flow. You will be presented with few options when it comes to a particular item.

3. We provide you with a written proposal
Once the designer has a good idea of your style and preference, he will prepare a quote while in your home, with a breakdown of pricing for all items discussed, should you want to do the work in phases.

4. You Accept our proposal
When you agree to do either all items proposed or just a few, we require a down payment, and a signed proposal. A payment schedule will be arranged with the proposal. Should you need some time to evaluate, and review the quote, prices are good for 30 days. You can mail in a down payment with a signed copy of the proposal.

5. We deliver the materials to your home
After we receive your signed proposal, and a down payment; we place the order for all materials required for your project. The materials will arrive usually in 10 business days after the agreement takes place. Some items such as flex moldings, or ornaments could take up to 3 weeks for delivery. The materials will be stored in your home, usually in your garage for a few days till we start the work. (if you are providing the materials this item is skipped).

6. You call us to Schedule the installation
When the materials arrive to your home, you call us at 1-800-888-IGOR (4467) to schedule the install. A carpenter will arrive the date assigned usually between 8-10AM.

7. We do the carpentry work
During the carpentry work, our carpenter will set up outside to make all the cuts, either at your driveway or front yard. At winter time or rainy days we would like to use your garage. All areas will be cleaned every day. Our carpenters will no use any saw machine or any other heavy power tool inside your home, unless you live in a condominium building. When the carpentry is completed, you will inspect the work and sign off on an acceptance form. Any leftover materials will be taken by our carpenter.

8. We do the Painting
The Painting team will arrive as schedule after carpentry is completed. Our painter’s team will cover up all areas, and arrange spaces for the work, whether we are only painting the moldings installed or painting walls and ceilings. After the paint is completed, you will inspect all workmanship and sign off acceptance of the work, then the final payment is due, you can hand the balance to our painters. If you decide to paint the moldings yourself, and have us only do the carpentry portion, the balance is due at carpentry completion.

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